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The missing iOS 8 NFC API

There have been a bunch of comments and criticisms flying around that iOS 8 is missing any kind of API or SDK for developing applications to take advantage of the NFC chip in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One article at least even went as far as to describe the decision not to provide one as “stupid”.

I disagree, not providing APIs in the first iteration of hardware has been pretty much an Apple standard operating procedure for a long while now, and I think it makes perfect sense in this case as well.

The most typical thing a software developer is going to do with an NFC API is write an app that reads NFC tags. The Android store is pretty much full of these; you download an app, you tap your Clipper Card on it, and it tells you a bunch of meaningless gibberish.

This isn’t very useful, because it turns out that the more interesting cases for NFC are when the phone...

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Songs of Innocence

The most surprising thing about Apple’s move to preload the new U2 album onto iPhones isn’t that they did it, but that people are surprised that users are angry about it.

For example John Gruber declared “Nailed It” in response to someone describing “removing a free album” as a “first world problem”.

Apple themselves said it in the very keynote they announced this. These iPhones, iPads and iPods are incredibly personal devices, to which users create a much more intimate bond than they do to pretty much any other device.

The WATCH is only going to be even more personal than that.

Apple have been preloading apps onto our personal devices for a while now, whether we like them or not, with no way to delete them. It wasn’t a surprising move for them to start preloading music either.

But they, and nobody else, should be surprised that...

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Apple are expected to announce some form of innovative new payment system tomorrow morning, but I think another company already has the jump on them for that: Disney.

If you’ve stayed in their Walt Disney World resort recently you’ll have encountered the Disney Magic Band, and the whole MyDisney+ experience.

Before you even get to the resort you receive your Magic Band, that you wear on your wrist the entire time you’re there. You get to pick your color, you get to buy cute ornaments and covers for it, and the whole thing is pretty reasonably ergonomically designed.

And inside is an NFC tag and a Bluetooth LE radio.

The band is your hotel room key, you simply hold your wrist up to the door lock and your room opens and allows you inside.

It’s your ticket into the park, combined with a fingerprint reader to ensure that the same person uses the same band each...

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