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It’s been six weeks since Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and over four months since WWDC when Apple revealed the changes to the AutoLayout APIs to enable apps to adapt to the larger screen sizes of the upcoming phones.

You’d think that this would be plenty of time for app developers to grab the new Xcode, test their app with the larger sizes, fix any resulting problems, and release an update.

I wonder how much of this delay is fear of the slow adoption of iOS 8, with 53% of devices running an older version as of October 5th, there could be fear from developers that supporting the newer AutoLayout APIs would put a significant portion of their userbase at risk.

Perhaps that’s why Apple are forcing all newly submitted apps to be built with the iOS 8 SDK.

The rest of this post constitutes the list of apps installed on my iPhone that are still running in scaled mode.

First up, because it’s always hilarious:

Next, apps for accessories sold in Apple Stores. You would think they would meet a higher bar:

Then the big names who really have no excuse of lack of resources:

Finally the smaller apps and independents:

Update: will strike out apps as they finally get their updates, they stay on the slacker list to shame them for taking so long.

Update #2: apps now listed in bold have committed the cardinal sin of receiving updates to support iOS 8 (especially new features!), without supporting the new screen sizes.


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