Font-sized Images

Often you need to include images inline in text, while being mindful of supporting all of the various user-customizable sizes of text, not to mention the accessibility sizes: One way to do this is by creating a custom SF Symbol, but that involves individually drawing or hinting each possible size. This obviously gives the optimal […]

View Builders

In the last post we looked at view modifiers as a way of building custom UI components that use other views as a form of content. In this one we’re going to look at a different approach using ViewBuilder. We’re actually going to build the exact same card structure we built before: When we used […]

View Modifiers

We’ve spent some time looking at views without really diving into what a view is, and considering what other options are available to us. Let’s look at that now. View is a defined as a protocol: This means that to conform to View we must provide a single property called body whose value is any […]

Size-Limiting Frames

Occasionally we come across a layout where we need to limit the bounds of a view in a particular dimension. For example we might have a view where we show the character portrait along with the title they might be introduced by at court. This works fine for the brawler: But for the dragoon who […]