Font-sized Images

Often you need to include images inline in text, while being mindful of supporting all of the various user-customizable sizes of text, not to mention the accessibility sizes: One way to do this is by creating a custom SF Symbol, but that involves individually drawing or hinting each possible size. This obviously gives the optimal […]

Size-Limiting Frames

Occasionally we come across a layout where we need to limit the bounds of a view in a particular dimension. For example we might have a view where we show the character portrait along with the title they might be introduced by at court. This works fine for the brawler: But for the dragoon who […]

Secondary Views in Practice

A secondary view, be it background or overlay, can be any view. We know from flexible frames that we can create views of fixed sizes, sizes based on their children, or sizes based on their parent. And we saw above that the proposed size of a secondary view is the fixed size of a parent. […]

Exploding Stacks

A common layout desire is to place views in the corner of a larger view, or of the device. This is particularly interesting because it’s more instructive to visit the methods that don’t work and explain why, before showing the best way to do it. Our desired result is as follows: We’ll concentrate first on […]